Custom Cajons

At CPI Drums we have specialised in custom made Cajon since 2013.

We can add a range of custom features to your Cajon including custom paint, custom playing surface and engraving and much more.

CPI Drums Custom Cajons

Custom Paint

We offer a wide variety of custom paint options that will suit the needs of any percussionist looking to have a stand out instrument . Paint can be added to any part of the cajon or the full cajon can be painted. Our custom paint is applied using  a combination of spraying and airbrush techniques.

CPI Drums Custom Cajons

Custom Plywood Playing surface

We also offer a full custom service where we use only the best quality solid veneers to construct the perfect playing surface for your sound needs. We produce our own plywood in house offering thicknesses from 2.5mm - 4mm with options of Maple, Ash, Cherry, walnut and Oak Veneers

Custom Engraving

As part of our custom art service we offer Pyrography done by hand. This is a process of boring designs into the wood which make a nice effect especially when used on higher tone woods. These designs are hardwearing and will last as long as the drum.